Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tokyo Otaku Mode Review

The site is lovely to browse through, really clear images of the products as you're scrolling through. Though once you add a product to your basket its only saved for 15 minutes. Which is annoying, considering I like to browse after I've added things to my basket.


In terms of products, I'm really impressed the price is low for the quality of product that you get. With every product I've ordered I always get 2 free gifts, usually a badge and a clear file.
Firstly I ordered 2 small pote usa loppy plushies.
They were $11.99 each and worth every penny in my eyes!

On the photos on the site they didn't look like they would be very soft. However when they came they were super fluffy and soft that I couldn't stop myself from snuggling into them. 
I also ordered a large pote usa loppy plushie.
This was $29.99 and a bargain for how large and plush it is.
I was surprised by how large it actually was, I thought it would be  smaller and poorly made, but it isn't its large and stuffed full of plush and is super soft to the touch. It's a perfect cuddle buddy for a lonely bed.


They ship out in 1-2 business days but it took a while to get to me in the UK. It had to go through customs and on top of my order I also pay customs taxes which was not a nice surprise to get from the post office, when you were expecting your order.
The most I've had to pay for customs is £21.95 however I haven't seen anyone else have this problem. So maybe its just me.
I hope you have a swell day and you can use my invite link for $5 off your first order.❤️️

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